What has been changed/ upgraded on the MY24 Sherco range?

Sherco’s are famous for being the best built, handling and performing motorcycles, and are constantly improving to bring you the best in the market. Below is detail of the MY24 upgrades.

Summary of upgrades

Table of changes per model, and below follows detail explanations of these changes.


New LED headlight and headlight housing, for a wider view in the dark, and also gives a new Sherco visual identity

Front fender

New front fender design in grey color, which is lighter and wider, and provides improved protection from mud spashes.

Front wheel

New front wheel. New rim, spokes, axle and hub. The hubs have bee re-designed to improve rigidity, the weight has been reduced by 500 grams, and the spacer system incorporates anti-mud flanges.

Rear wheel

New hub, rim, spokes hub and axle. The hubs have been re-designed to improve rigidity, wheight has been reduced by 500 grams, and the spacer system incorporates anti-mud flanges

New Swingarm

New design and technology. The weight has been reduced by 200 grams, the re-design provides improved riding comfort and traction, it also incorporates new bearings, and seals. 

It is designed to also facilitate the adjustment of the chain tension, and the tensioner system has 2 positions.

Attention to Detail

Frame done in a new single color paint, that is more resistant to scrathes and abrasions

Front Brake hose guide

New design and increased to 2 guides vs former 1 only


New aluminium rear sprocket, weight reduction

2T Engine

New design clutch cover, reduces weight and improves clutch lubrication

2T Cylinder head brackets

New cylinder head support brackets for the full 2 stroke range, reduces vibrations, better chassis rigidity, easier to assemble and disaasemble, and improved accessibility to the ignition coils

All new 4T Engine for 250/300

New engine

4T Central crankcases

New lighter and more compact engine crankcases, with new liquid cooling layout which improves engine cooling in front area of crankshaft, and 2 new lower piston oil jets to assist in improved piston cooling

New clutch cover for 250/300 4T

New magnesium clutch cover, reduces weight and visual recognition

4T Ignition cover

New lighter ignition cover with visual recognition

New clutch casing for 250/300 4T

New clutch casing, with repositioned oil level and sight gauge for ease of reading.

Repositioned oil filler cap to provide easier filling.

4T Engine balancer

New lighter shaft and counter balancer integrated into the cam drive gear assembly

New cylinderhead for 250/300 4T

New cylinderhead with improved acoustics for noise reduction with new visual identity

New intake ports improving volumetric efficiency at low revs.

Redesigned exhaust ports to allow for a wider power band at the top end

4T Distribution

New Titanium intake valves

New valve springs

The max engine RPM has been increased to 13,500, making the engine more linear and produces an increased usable power range

Lubrication 250/300 4T

New oil suction system ( double suction pump) reduces oil quantity in crankshaft area, which leads to improved engine performance and a significant reduction in engine braking.

4T Gear position sensor

Gear position sensor, allows the selection of a different MAP on each gear position, in order to have optimal engine response throughout the gear range


Injector body 250/300 4T

New Thottle body, with increased diameter from 38.5mm to 42mm

Wider body increases power at high revs

450/500 Improvements

New graphics kit, headlight, front fender, brake hose guide, frame color paint, rear sprocket and clutch cover.