Michelin Starcross 5 110/100-18 soft


• Optimized Rear Tread Patterns:
o The central blocks of each front tire are designed specifically to enhance braking performance and cornering traction.
o The tread void on both the front and rear tires is adapted to the type of ground: the more the terrain is soft, the more the tread void is increased.
o Intermediate tread blocks on the Soft and Medium tires are positioned in staggered rows to minimize block gap zones. Such zones reduce traction and feel when changing lean angle.
• Self-Cleaning Tread:
o Design: Revolutionary fine horizontal tread lines help release soil.
o Result: Enhanced traction and reduced soil carry.
• Tread Block Architecture:
o Design: Aggressive, variable height tread blocks.
o Result: Increased grip on the front and rear tires straight-up or at full lean angle.
• Tire Casing (StarCross 5 vs. StarCross 3/4):
o 15% lighter (based on 100/90-19 StarCross 5 Sand; average is 10% reduction versus StarCross 3/4) without compromising strength or durability.
• Weight Savings Benefits:
o Reduction in unsprung mass on both front and rear tires for better wheel control.
o Reduction in rotational inertia improves acceleration and braking.
• Michelin Comfort Casing Technology (CCT):
o Switch from three (3) nylon to two (2) polyester plies.
o Significant optimization in tire construction which reduces tire rebound and augments motorcycle suspension to help reduce rider fatigue.
o Straight-up or at full lean, the new casing construction provides complete confidence without reducing lateral rigidity.
• Monster Scoops (Sand ONLY):
o Specially-designed tread with monster scoops to evacuate sand more efficiently.
• Mud-Phobic Bars (Soft ONLY):
o Maximize the tire cleaning capability on the StarCross 5 Soft rear tire to prevent mud

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