Master of the open spaces with loads of torque and speed

The 500 is the latest in a line of enduro machines specifically designed for enduro riders. The semi-perimeter frame, as is the case throughout the range, is a welded configuration made from chrome molybdenum steel.

The latest generation DOHC engine is compact, less noisier, and reduced weight delivering more smoother power with less inertia. It is equipped with a Synerject injection system that was specifically developed by Sherco. It is a high-tech system that allows for very precise fuel and air distribution, combining liveliness and escalation … The bike delivers endless smooth power, which can be toned down by the map switch fitted as standard equipment.

Factory Upgrades

  • Closed cartridge KYB forks and KYB shock
  • Stiffer suspension settings
  • Akrapovic silences with factory header exhaust system
  • Larger cylinder water jacket for improved cooling
  • New crankshaft with larger bearings
  • Cooling fan kit and expansion tank
  • Blue Excel rims with graphics
  • Galfer brake discs
  • AXP skid plate
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Michelin tires
  • Grey Selle Dalle Vale seat
  • Dual compound soft grips
  • Neken machined triple clamps
  • Map switch

Highlights for new model

  • Bold new graphics
  • KYB suspension front and rear
  • Black anodized EXCEL rims
  • Bi-composite color grips
  • Lighter weight swing arm
  • New timing distribution chain less friction and noise
  • Full engine lightening campaign ie freewheel gear, primary gear, oil pump, inter-gear, complete new crankshaft, oil pump gear, balancing system, clutch hub, primary clutch unit all lightened to improve inertia.
  • New clutch disc material
  • new seal and bearing changes
  • New Factory header pipe with Akrapovic silencer allows engine to rev faster and reduced engine braking
Engine 4 stroke DOHC, 4 valve Sherco technology
Bore and stroke
EFI Synerject digital electronic fuel injection
Cooling Liquid system with forced circulation
Starting Unique electric starting system
Battery 12 V Shido Lithium-ion
Exhaust Stainless steel header pipe, muffler with catalytic converter meets Euro 3 stds.
Transmission 6 speed sequential gearbox, primary gear drive chain secondary drive
Clutch Hydraulic, multidisc in oil bath
Ignition 220 W Alternator
Chassis Double cradle Chrome-Molybdenum design
Fuel tank 9.7 L capacity
Brakes Brembo Hydraulic Ø 260 mm (10.24 in) (front) Ø 220 mm (8.66 in) (rear)
Front suspension KYB closed cartridge forks
Rear suspension KYB Shock
Front wheel 1.60 x 21″ aluminum rim with Michelin Enduro Competition tube-type tire
Rear wheel 2.15 x 18″ aluminum rim with Michelin Enduro Competition tube-type tire
Weight 109 kg (240.3 lbs.)
Wheelbase 1480 mm (58.27 in)
Ground clearance 355 mm (13.78 in)
Seat height 950 mm (37.4 in)